Wisecure PFP FR Pipe Wrap has been designed to maintain the fire resistance of separating walls and floors where they are breached by single or multiple building services.

The board consists of a stone wool core, sealed with Wisecure PFP FR Coating on 1 or both faces. Selec- tion of the board coated on 1 or both faces is determined by installa-tion considerations and fire resistance requirements. When installed on site, Wisecure PFP FR Board should be used with Wisecure PFP FR Acrylic for sealing around service penetrations and the adjacent separating construction.

Each pipe wrap consists of a graphite based reactive intumescent strip, which reacts to heat and closes the opening left by the softening plastic pipe or pipe insulation in a fire.

The pipe wrap is installed completely around the pipes or insulation and secured with the self adhesive tab. The annular space around the pipe wrap is sealed with Wisecure PFP FR EX Mortar or Wisecure PFP FR Boards.

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