About Wisecure

For over 40 years, WiSecure seals have helped property owners, contractors, energy companies and industry secure buildings and other spaces against water leakage and harmful ground radon.
Today, our solutions include a number of sealing variants that are used in both new production and renovation.
Our seals can be used on all types of pipe materials such as plastic, cast iron and concrete.
To ensure performance, the 800 series of seals have undergone rigorous tests at institutes in both Sweden and Germany.
In addition to solutions against leakage, we also work with fans and descent wells for underground spaces.

At WiSecure, we believe in simplicity in everything we do, regardless of whether it is a matter of contacting us or assembling our products.
Speed ​​and customer service are other key words that permeate our business. A business that we always strive to improve for the sake of our customers, business partners and employees.
We are always responsive to new ideas and we ask for our customers’ views in order to be able to develop as a company.

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