Wisecure ventilation towers

Wisecure ventilation towers are made entirely of plastic and are intended to replace corresponding pipes in cast iron when ventilating district heating chambers or other underground spaces. The towers are well tested and have been installed by several energy companies in Sweden. With a number of different dimensions and designs, they can be mounted on most existing pipe dimensions. The version with removable grid also facilitates cleaning the tower from the outside. The vents are available in T-model and H-model with round top cover and can also be supplied in different dimensions and designs with a fixed, or removable top. For communicating systems, we can prepare the towers with 4/5G antenna that can be easily connected to monitoring devices. The ventilation towers have a low weight, are very easy to assemble, do not need to be painted and are not exposed to rust like normal steel towers, which means that maintenance costs can be minimized. Does not rust, Low maintenance cost, Easy installation, built-in antenna, several dimensions.

Wisecure W700 series couplings

The dimensional flexibility of W700 couplings ensures leak-proof pipe seals on most pipe material such as plastic, cast iron, asbestos cement, clay, concrete, steel, and copper. Our W700 couplings are all marked with part number and size. The W701 series are for connection of pipe with the same diameter while the W702 is dimensioned for connecting pipe with different diameter. Our couplings are made from EPDM with hose clamps in stainless steel.

Wisecure NB 530/900 manholes

Customized solutions for district heating chambers! Manhole NB 530/900 is made of rotationally moulded polyethylene. The well is adapted for cast iron coverings with a diameter of 600 mm or larger and it’s intended to be used as a passage well in chamber roofs during new installation and when remodelling district heating chambers. The design of the descent well, which has a new way of thinking regarding the assembly work, has been developed and evaluated together with operating personnel at Gothenburg Energy AB. The new well does not need to be cast into the chamber roof, which significantly facilitates the assembly work and keeps costs at a low level. The well is instead mounted as a cover over the concrete rings on which the cast iron covering rests.

Wisecure NB 560/600 manholes – for cast-in applications

Decent well NB 560/600 is made of rotationally moulded polyethylene and is designed to be cast into the concrete roof of district heating chambers and similar underground spaces, both in new installations and in repairs of older leaking chamber roofs. The manhole cover has a rubber seal and is insulated with polyurethane, which provides a waterproof and heat-insulating manhole cover.

Manschetter RottoX – For boreholes that can withstand axial movement

RottoX VDW can handle axial movement +/- 25 mm and some eccentric displacement. For boreholes 150-1000 mm Tight up to 1 bar. RottoX VDW OD can handle pipe bending max 20°. For boreholes 150-900 mm Tight up to 1 bar. RottoX Temp Protection for pipes in pipes Dimensions from 50×125 to 1100×1200 mm Can withstand some axial movement and bending.

End cuffs – moisture and dirt protection

Model DU Has stainless steel clamps EPDM. Media pipe 20-762 mm. Sheath 90-365 mm. Model KT has stainless EPDM clamps. Media tube 10-508 mm. Sheath 110-610 mm. Capable of axial movement. Model DU Step has stainless EPDM clamps. A model for max casing pipe 110 mm. Media pipes 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63, 75 and 90 mm.

Sealing system NOFIRNO® – a versatile sealing system

Nofirno is a versatile sealing system with a lifespan of 50 years or more.
Provides protection against; water, rodents, chemicals, mechanical impact, gas and smoke, fire and corrosion. Nofirno ® consists of non-combustible elastic support sleeves and a sealing compound with a very low environmental impact. (Construction goods assessment, Swedish Transport Administration Chemsoft)
The flexibility of the system means that it can be used to seal “uneven” openings with several pipes or cables.
Nofirno ® withstands vibration, stretching and expansion without breaking. Fire class EI60 to EI240. Can be installed at -25° C to +60° C. Working temperature -50° C to +180° C. Pressure tested up to 10 bar. EX safe. Rodent proof. Used in the Offshore industry.

Gliding shoes – for pipes in protective pipes

Available in steel and plastic depending on application and pipe weight. Simple assembly. Wide range for pipes DY 25 mm up to DY 2500 mm.