A new year like nothing else we have done

For over 40 years, Wisecure seals have helped property owners, contractors, energy companies and industry secure buildings and other spaces against water leakage and harmful ground radon. Now its time to take it to the next level.

Our strong values have guided us through this past year. As I write this letter, we continue to navigate a global pandemic, a climate crisis, a reckoning of racial inequity and more. This has been a defining moment for our society – and a defining moment for Wisecure.

Wisecure is a brand of hope and inspiration. A brand of simpleness and kindness. We believe that if we secure before it happens we can also secure lives and create a safer and better world to bring out the best in people, and the potential of people to bring out the best in our world. Ultimately, we believe in a future where no person needs to get harmed. The way we do that is by finding secure, safe and smart solution that prevents unnecessary accidents from happening, we sell great proactive solutions.

We always strive to improve. For our customers, business partners and team. For our team at Wisecure, 2021 proved how much our people and purpose matter. It showed the difference we can do and what our actions can make. In the face of this new future, pressing challenges, we embrace Wisecure unique opportunity to lead the way and secure before it happens.

This year is truly special and to celebrate the legacy and to push Wisecure further into the future we are proud to introduce our new branding and our true why that is deeply founded into everything that we do. “Wisecure before it happens”. Because before it happens is where we really can make a difference. Preventing not only accidents that does not need to happen but also preventing and protecting people from harmfull things like Radon.

We are always open for new ideas and for us all voices matters. As an CEO I love that we can have a true impact and securing the lives for millions of people everyday.

I truly believe its a chance of a lifetime to make a true impact and Wisecures products can truly make a difference in peoples lives.


Martin Kristensen – CEO Wisecure